How to access the events?

Dear participants,

Welcome to the XXV. Congress of the German Society for Philosophy. Here are some brief instructions about how to access the individual events.

All sessions will take place via Zoom. You can find general information about this software here.

To join a specific section, colloquium, talk, or other event, take the following steps: log in to ConfTool (create an account and register as a participant if you have not already done so). Head to Conference Agenda and find the session you would like to join. Click on that session’s Zoom link, an icon printed after “Virtual location”. If you have trouble finding your session, you might wish to search the Conference Agenda for the number allocated to your session, as specified in the programme on our public website (e.g., “3.26c”). The Zoom session will start when you click on the Zoom link. You may need to install Zoom and/or create an account. Please provide your full name when prompted to make the life of our chairs easier.

Information on data protection and accessibility can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the congress,
The organisation team of the DGPhil Congress